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Family Remembrance Posters – Card Stock 18 x 24


The most unique family remembrance keepsake
Completely Personalized!!!

Price is for 50 Posters Customized, Printed and Shipped to the Continental US.

Please bare with us as we are in the process of developing our unique algorithm to offer all printing option dynamically.


Product Description

Customizable Family Remembrance Posters – The most unique keepsake available

We work with you while creating this great keepsake

Treasure your loved one with this everlasting keepsake

Professional Digital Printing Presses

Minimum Order – 50 Posters

We will not print until you approve the proof

Several proofs can be done for your convenience and accuracy

Shipped via UPS Ground with Tracking within the United States

Orders are ready to ship in 2-3 business days

Call or Email for expedited shipping quote

We Have 2 Poster Sizes

Small posters are 11″ x 17″

Large posters are 18″ x 24″

A Very Simple Process

There is no visual display of the finished thank you card during checkout. This is because we work on every clients order individually and manually, which allows much more control and customization than an automated service. Basically, it is a much better finished product.

You can attach your picture and text during checkout or after purchase.

Using our contact form or via email.

You will receive an email from us directly after purchase, and you may reply to this email.

We will NOT send anything to print until you approve the proof.

We will usually be in contact over the phone to go over any details and to make sure everything is perfect.

Which one should I choose?

Both are excellent choices.

The card stock is stiff and it cant be rolled up. It can be framed or placed directly wherever you would like it.

The text stock is a great quality as well, it can be rolled up if needed, framed or also placed directly where you would like it.

You really cant go wrong with either choice.

Making Sure Everything Is Perfect

We currently do not have a set number of proofs before we finalize or print your personalized calendars.

We will be working with you while putting everything together, and when changes are needed or suggested we will make them for you.

Needless to say, the final posters you will receive will be breathtaking and everyone will keep the calendars as an everlasting keepsake.

Please consult our FAQ page for more information.

Poster Images

Just like the amount of proofs, we do not currently have a set limit of images.

Every poster is different, and we work on a client by client basis. Every picture is different and layout needs are different as well. We aim to bring professional appeal with class.

25 pictures will almost always work in our posters, sometimes more. We will start putting things together for you and show you the progress and then we can decide whether to add more or not.

Please consult our FAQ page for more information.

Professional Printing Services

We will print everything you for, professional quality all done in Digital Printing presses.

Why pay premium prices for printing at a local Staples or Kinkos when the quality does not compare to what we offer you when it really matters most.

You’re loved one deserves the best.

And our prices are very competitive with superb quality.

This is our specialty and we deliver only the best.