The quality of paper makes a big difference in the final outcome of the program.

We use special Premium Gloss and Premium Matte press papers, although these are not sold in stores as they are specially made in large sheets designed for professional digital printing presses.

We recommend a double side premium photo paper in either gloss or matte for home printing.

100lbs text weight is also recommended.

Make sure to set your printer settings accordingly.

Yes of course we will do this for you.

And we do a great job. In our stand alone thank you cards, we usually blend your picture on the inside leaving plenty of room for text beside it.

They look great this way.

Don’t worry, we are quite flexible.

If you’ve selected next day delivery and it isn’t required, we can credit you back the difference to your credit card.

If you realize you need to expedite the order, we can change it for you and charge you accordingly.

This also applies to the printing options, if you change your mind, we will make the change for you.

We do everything in Photoshop.

Once your order is placed, we will receive it and put things together for you.

This allows for much more customization and a much better final product unlike automated software that is usually quite fixed in design.

We will not print anything until you approve the proof, so rest assured, you will know exactly what you are getting.

And it will be beautiful!

Great question!

We print everything professionally

Your program, and everything we print goes into large professional high quality paper sheets through digital printing press, and gets cut to size after print.

The quality we offer does not even compare to lets say, a local staples.

We only offer the best, and our prices are very reasonable.

When its something this important, why settle?

If you order stand alone thank you cards and there is no rush, it generally takes about a week.

This can depend on your location, generally UPS Ground is 3-5 days for delivery.

Here is a short breakdown of the time from start to delivery of the Thank You Cards.

After you place your order, we will prepare your thank you card immediately.

We will send you the work that we’ve done and can make any changes that you may need.

After you approve the proof, we will provide all print ready material to our printing department.

Printing will take 2 – 3 days and then will ship out via UPS Ground.

If you need things faster, we have rush same day printing and all UPS Shipping options available.

Same day printing is always the following day and does not include Saturday and Sunday.


We can customize your thank you cards.

We can even include a picture of your loved on on the inside of the thank you cards.

You can see some samples of our work, in our Recent Works section.

Our printing hours of operation are Monday – Friday, there is no printing done on the weekends.

Although we will work on your program over the weekend to have it ready for print Monday morning.

This is quite simple.

There are a couple of ways.

1. You can go to our contact page, and our dynamic smart form will allow you to attach and upload all the information here.

2. You can email it to us directly, after purchase you will receive an email from us, and you can simply reply to this email with your attachments.

We will also be in contact via phone and email back and forth as things get completed.

Yes, absolutely!

Every Funeral program and all add-ons are available to download in Microsoft Word templates immediately after purchase.

You are able to customize everything yourself, print it at home, or bring it to a local print shot.

Of course we would be happy to do all this for you as well.

We have much more control to customize everything as we work in the original Photoshop design files.

We dont have set hours, as the nature of our work is not during a set time.

There are deadlines we have to meet for you, and we work hard to make sure we meet all necessary deadlines to get everything to you on time.

Feel free to call us anytime, if we are not available at the time of your call, as we may be on the line with another client, or briefly stepped away. Please leave us a message and we will be in touch with you shortly after.

This can depend if you have everything ready to send us, or if you’re still waiting for information.

Generally we can complete the program for you in the same day.

It does take us more time to complete the trifold programs and 4 page grad fold programs but we still try to get it complete for you in the same day.

We prioritize our work on programs based on the time and date that they are needed.

It also depends on how many pictures we are including, as doing all the detail work on pictures takes quite a bit of time.

This also depends on the program brochure layout chosen.

If we are working with a trifold or 4 page graduated step fold program, we can include more pictures for you.

We will have no problem including 20 pictures for you,  and often times more.

Every project we work on is different, and all pictures are different. We work everything together for you professionally on a case by case basis.

We usually remove some or all of the pictures frames and blend the pictures into a collage directly in the program, this is a quite an outstanding final program that you will love.

We can get the final printed product to you quite quickly when needed.

Although it is more expensive for printing and delivery, sometimes there is just no choice, it needs to be delivered asap.

We can complete the program for you in the same day.

We can have everything printed and shipped the next day.

If you choose UPS next day delivery, then it will delivered the next day.

We Accept

We Accept Credit Cards

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