Writing Funeral Notes after a Funeral or Memorial Service

When you’ve lost a loved one, it might be hard to think about how to write “Thank You” notes.  As hard as it may be to think about, it is very important to give thanks to the people who helped during this time.  If you follow some simple guidelines mentioned below, this part of the process does not need to be so difficult. Keep in mind, that we include Thank You cards in every single funeral program templates package that we offer.

Most times it is not needed to send a thank you note to every single person who attended the service or had sent a pre-printed card, although this is still an option.  It is advisable to send a thank you note card to all those who sent gifts, donations, flowers, food, baby-sitting and for those who helped with the actual service such as musicians, ushers, clergy members, pallbearers etc..

Keep a list of all the people who sent something to you and the family, or to the actual service.  This way you will not need to remember everyone who sent something. An even simpler approach is to keep all the cards that came with what was sent in one place. That way your list is already together.

There pre-printed stationary available for Thank You cards. They should be of good quality paper.  If they are pre-printed a short, handwritten note is usually added.  Consider using our thank you cards that come with all of our packages. This should also simplify things for you.

Keep the notes short and simple, write something that comes from the heart.  Be clear that you appreciated their generosity, thoughtfulness and support.

In case you want it to be slightly more personal, you can mention a time when the recipient of the note had impacted your loved ones life in a meaningful way.

Be specific in the thank you message. Why are you thanking them? For gifts, for support, for donations for food, etc..

If you are handwriting the cards, 2 to 4 sentences is appropriate.

It is not necessary to send out the thank you notes immediately after the service. Many people are grieving and some people need more time than others.

Generally, thank you cards are mailed or delivered within 2 weeks of the service.  If this is too difficult for you at the time, ask friends or family. Most times, they are more than willing to help with the labeling, stamps and the like.

It is also ok if another family member writes the message for you and simply signs “The Dickens Family”.