Funeral Readings

Funeral readings are most often used during funeral services, memorial services and wakes.   They are comforting and offer mourners help while grieving.  During this grieving time, it may be easier to express your feelings for your loved one through readings.  Throughout the funeral service, funeral readings are used such as in the funeral programs, thank you cards, bookmarks and prayer cards. In general there are 2 to 4 readings used in the service.

There is a very wide range of “traditional funeral prayers, quotes, scriptures and sayings, although many people like to choose their funeral readings from other sources such as their loved one’s favorite authors or books, favorite quotes and favorite song lyrics.

Funeral Scriptures and Prayers

Scriptures and prayers are frequently used, more so when holding a religious funeral service or memorial service. When choosing scriptures or prayers, it is a good idea to share your choices with the clergy, church staff or family before the services takes place.

Original Stories or Poetry

Writing something original is also a great way to communicate your feelings about your loved one.  If you’ve been requested to give a tribute or to speak during a service and you would like to offer something original, don’t make it too long, it is also a good idea to share your reading with the family before the service takes place.  Various services exists that will compose original poetry for you.

Funeral Poems

Using funeral poems during a service is often a great way to express your feelings for a loved one that has passed.  Plenty of poems exist for fathers, mothers, children and grandparents.  We have a variety of funeral poems to choose from.

Sayings and Quotes

At times, a saying or a quote can convey the exact feelings or emotions. Quotes can come from a book or author, as well as a personal quote from your loved one.


Our funeral program templates come with placeholder text, which includes funeral poems. You are able to keepsthese or choose any poem or scripture you like to replace the inserted text. It’s as simple as copy and paste.