What are Funeral and Memorial Service Symbolic Gestures?

During a funeral or memorial service, symbolic gestures are occasionally used to represent a final goodbye to their loved one.  After losing a loved one, these types of ritual can aid relieve some of the pain, especially if their death was sudden and there was no opportunity to say goodbye.  Symbolic gestures are not expensive, nor do they require a large amount of time, rather, offering a simple feeling of comfort for all present.  There are several kinds of symbolic guestures, we will list them below. If you would like to incorporate a symbolic gesture into your service, take a look through and choose one that well represents your emotions.

Planting a tree or garden:  When planting a tree or garden, you allow many people to contribute to the memorial service.  Everyone attending will feel they have been able to contribute to the remembering  of the life and memories of the deceased. If you don’t know of a location to plant a tree or garden, you may contact a local park and recreation department near you and inquire about donating a tree to the park.

Flying a Kite: Getting family members together and flying a kite in memory of your loved one is a fun way to celebrate your loves life and memories as a group.

Making a wish:  Making a wish another great way that everyone can partake in the funeral and memorial service symbolic gestures. Find a nearby fountain and everyone can throw in a coin while making a wish for the passing of their loved one.  Even the youngest children can be a part of this symbolic gesture.

Releasing Doves: Doves represent, purity, love, hope, peace and innocence.  Releasing doves symbolizes the spirit or soul of the deceased flying into the skies.  You may check for doves online as many companies are renting doves to families for this very purpose.

Memory Circle: Setup a family and friends gathering at a special location that was special to your loved one. Everyone will take turns sharing their favorite memories of the deceased while holding hands. When sharing memories in this type of circle it creates a feeling of connectedness.

Releasing Butterflies: Butterflies are a symbol of freedom, beauty and spirit as they fly away.  Similarly to the doves, you can find many companies online that specialize in selling butterflies to families for this purpose.

Naming a star: Choosing a star, naming it and dedicating it to your loved one.  You may even be able to make this official by visiting http://www.starregistry.com.  Opting to have the memorial  service at night is excellent, allowing everyone to find the dedicated star.  Both adults and children can look up into the sky at night, find the special star and recall memories of their loved one.