What are Funeral Tributes?

It’s a common tradition to pay tribute to a loved one at memorial and funeral services.  Tributes tell about the life of the deceased and the relationship you shared with him or her.  The funeral tribute can be as simple as a meaningful poem or even a card, or it can be elaborate like a funeral resolution. Since a funeral tribute will be a lasting keepsake for surviving family members and friends, it is advisable to pay attention to the important details.

Different Types of Funeral Tributes

Funeral tributes are usually presented by those closest to the loved one. Although classmates, co-workers and childhood friends may also present a tribute.  You should choose what type of tribute you would like to present with what you are comfortable with.

Themed:  Remodel the environment, as well as the music, into a theme loved by the deceased.  If your loved one was a natural explorer you could possibly choose a type of jungle themed funeral.

Eulogy: A eulogy is a type of written tribute which praises the deceased. It is usually presented an immediate family member, a close friend or clergy.

Funeral Programs:   Funerals are an important part of a funeral service. They provide important details regarding the funeral or memorial service from start to finish.  They include poems, obituary, photos and other relevant information. We have quite a few funeral program template styles and packages for you to choose from.

Funeral Resolution:  This is written in a formal way, it honors your loved one’s relationship with the Lord.

Scripture or Poem:  If you cant seem to find the right words to say, you may use a poem or prose that express how you are feeling.

Slideshow:  Putting together a variety of pictures from your loved one’s life to show during the funeral or memorial service.

Prayer Card:  Traditionally has a Bible verse, deceased full name, date of birth and date of death as well as a picture.  We offer prayer cards in all of our funeral program template complete packages.  It serves as a great keepsake for surviving family members and friends.

Candle:  There are special candles for a funeral service.  This type of candle is usually given to an immediate family member. It is a personalized candle with a specific theme and photographs.

Story or Anecdote:  This can be informal and light hearted.  Offering stories about your loved one’s childhood married life and career.

Journal:  A journal can replace a traditional guestbook at a funeral or memorial service.  When using a tribute journal, guests attending may share short memories or thoughts about your loved one.

Remembrance Rather than Goodbye

Nowadays, funerals tend to offer more of a remembrance of the deceased with joyful memories instead of being sad and saying goodbye.  Tributes during funeral services give comfort and support to surviving friends and family members while grieving.  It is best to select a tribute which you are comfortable with and which speaks to your loved one’s memory.