How to Personalize Your Funeral or Memorial Service

Using personal photos and items into your Funeral or Memorial Service
Personalized Items and Photos serves several purposes in funeral and memorial services.
They provide visual reminders of your loved one’s life and memories.
Guests are able to contribute some of their own items of that bring memories of your loved one.
They can be given as a keepsake for your loved one.

There are several ways to present and organize personalized items at funeral or memorial services.  You can use photos from any point in time of your loved ones life.  It’s a good idea to use photos from various times of their life, since not all guests have known them for such a long time. Photos of your loved one aid close friends and family to direct their attention towards the deceased allowing them to visual memories.

Below, we’ve listed some suggestions to utilize photos, decorations and personal items in a funeral or memorial service.

During the eulogy, display a large photo. This helps people focus their thoughts and memories on the deceased.

Funeral Program Templates, a must have keepsake item for guests.  Customize the photos as you like inside the program to reflect best your loved one. If some guests cannot attend, you can choose to mail this keepsake to them. offers a large variety of funeral program templates. We strive to continue our ever growing selection, none of which will be found anywhere else online. Categories from Military, Professions, Hobbies, Sports, Religious, Child to our Classic Signature collections and more. No matter what you’re looking for, we have it for you here. Let us help you capture the uniqueness of your loved one with the perfect funeral program template for your service.

We have a large selection of some of the highest quality funeral program templates available anywhere online. All created by professional graphic designers to make sure your guests receive an everlasting keepsake.

Aside from the funeral program itself, there are other items that can distributed at the service.  All of our packages come with a Thank You Card. Our regular packages come with a matching bookmark, and our complete packages come with a matching prayer card and postcard if you choose to mail out invitations. Prayer cards are bookmarks are a great idea, and last much longer if you have them laminated after they are printed.

Video tributes are also a great idea to show at the funeral/memorial service, the viewing and even a wake. You can play a video tribute from the computer and optionally connect the computer to a tv, or you can save the video to a dvd and showcase the video that way.  These videos are often in the form of a slideshow of photographs with music in the background.  You can leave the video running on repeat in the background, or you may choose to have it viewed as a part of the service.

Friends and family most likely also have pictures together with you loved one. Request in the invitations that they bring their photos to the service to be laid out on the table so everyone close to them may see and enjoy these photos and memories as well.

Making a family tree is also a good idea, it will show your loved one’s heritage.  This will create more of an impact if your loved one is part of a large family, or they might have plenty of children and grandchildren.

You can decorate the service in a theme style. Bring décor which match the persons interests.  You could bring fishing rods and tackle if they loved to fish, mini cars if they were a car enthusiast and so on.  In the past, it was often thought of as inappropriate to decorate a service in this way, but the idea has changed and it is accepted nowadays to make the service more personalized and beneficial.

You can also bring special items or keepsakes. Maybe they have favorite golf clubs, or a favorite shirt, a favorite painting. The possibilities are endless.  Think about items that will show and represent certain unique qualities about your loved one.  You may choose to use a Memory Box, this is meant to collect keepsakes that were special to your loved one and members of the family.