Memorial Cards Bookmarks and Prayer Cards

Memorial cards, bookmarks and prayer cards are usually distributed at funeral services, memorial services and celebration of life services and they offer a long lasting keepsake to guests that pays tribute to your loved one.

These keepsakes have been traditionally prepared by the funeral home, but with today’s technology, it’s very simple to create these keepsakes from home. By doing these keepsakes yourself you are able to choose from a wide variety of templates, themes and styles that funeral homes are not able to offer you. After choosing which template you think best suits your loved one,  you can personalize it however you like with poems, scripture, photos, tributes etc. offers a large variety of funeral program templates in many categories such as children’s, hobbies, professions, religious, sports and many more. Here at we specialize in aiding families make the most suitable elegant lasting keepsake for your loved one.

Memorial cards often include some or all of the information provided below:

Date of Birth and Date of Death
Funeral home
Cemetery and the plot number
Favorite poem, prayer or verse
Personal note from the family
Personal photo or an appropriate image or symbol

Various Kinds of Memorial Cards

You are able to choose from several different types of memorial cards and combining them together is also a great idea. We have put together packages of funeral program templates and memorial cards to suit every person and every budget.  You should browse through and find a package that you feel comfortable with.

Bookmark:  Bookmarks come in different sizes. Our bookmarks are a standard 2”x6”. Whether you print them at home or get them printed professionally, it is always advisable to laminate them afterwards. You may also attach a tassel.  Bookmarks usually include the name of the deceased, date of birth and date of death, a photo and a prayer or poem on the backside.

Prayer Card: A very common style of memorial card. These are to attendees at the service as well as included in the thank you notes. Our prayer cards are slightly different from the traditional religious prayer cards, as each package has a theme and the theme is followed through with every item in the package. We have religious packages that contain religious prayer cards. Prayer cards contain a photo of the deceased on the front, as well as their name, date of birth and date of death. A prayer is suitable for the backside.

Folded: These are quite similar to the funeral brochures but they are not as large.  This type of card would contain biographical information about your loved one, a photo, prayer or poem as well as a note from the family. We do not include these in our packages as the brochure, thank you cards, bookmarks and prayer cards are more than sufficient for any type of service.

Printing  these memorial cards at home is quite easy. Find a template that suits your loved one perfectly. Download the template, open in Microsoft Word or Publish, Mac or PC. Insert your text and pictures and finally Print.

Be sure to have enough ink and the right paper stock for optimal results.