Funeral Order of Service Booklet

The booklet known as the “Order of Service” (also known as a Memorial Service program or Funeral Program) is the document that is printed which outlines the highlights the main aspects of the memorial or funeral service. Most often times, the deceased’s family gets the information ready for this “Order of Service”.  In many cases, the family will work together with the funeral home or church to create this “Order of Service”. Alternatively, for a completely unique and professional design, browse through our selection of Order of Service Templates and give your attendees a long lasting beautiful keepsake, with matching thank you cards, bookmarks, prayer cards and even postcards if you need to mail out invitations.

Layout for the Order of Service

Order of Service Cover

Generally the Order of Service cover has their full legal name, DOB, and date of death. Sometimes you may include the time and location of the service, but we generally include them on other pages in the templates we offer.  All of our Order of Services packages have an elegant title such as “The Celebration of Life” and “In Loving Memory Of” and a professionally created photo frame for your loved one on the cover.

Order of Service Outline:

Musical Prelude


Viewing of Remain

Closing and Sealing of Casket

Musical Selection



Old Testament

New Testament


Special Tribute


Reflections (2 Minutes Please)




Back Cover of Order of Service

This section is meant to contain the thoughts of thanks by the family, some words of remembrance or poem of remembrance as well as the location of the funeral , memorial service or interment. You may also include requests for special donations in this section.


Additional Pages

There is usually more space on the inside pages to include various other things, such as scripture, poems, obituary and family notes. Take not that all text in our templates are completely editable and customizable, except for some titles, as they keep the formatting and layout looking professional. We can customize these for you if needed. You really have the flexibility to put any text wherever you see fit, so that it will just finished in the perfect way that suits your needs.

Planning a Funeral Service?

Trust the professionals with your everlasting memorial keepsakes

such as: Printed Brochures, Thank you cards, bookmarks and prayer cards.

Look at our Funeral Program Templates Overview page for more Information.

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