Visitors to your funeral home website will appreciate any links that you insert to make their online experience more convenient and enlightening.  Even if your website has a wealth of information, it is also critical that you link your pages and resources together, so that your potential clients can be immediately transported to exactly what they are searching for.

Link together your web pages with blue keywords and phrases.  This gives your entire website a cohesiveness that builds trust.  For example, if you are discussing obituaries, highlight the word “obituaries” and create a link that will take your visitor to the page that has sample obituaries for them to browse through.  If they are reading about pre-planning, have a link in the paragraph that takes them to a pre-planning form that they can fill out right there on the page.

Much of the funeral home business is directly connected to other local businesses, such as florists, cemeteries, monument shops, caterers and restaurants, even motels for travelers to the funeral.   Most of these businesses have their own websites.  Visitors to your website will appreciate being taken to the page on another website that has the information they need.

A great way to build solid relationships with these businesses is to set up a link exchange with them.  For example, on the page that lists local florists’ addresses and phone numbers, also place the URL link to the florists’ websites in exchange for them placing a link on their page for your funeral home.  This way the visitor, who clicked on the florist to check it out, can find his way back to your website to finish making his funeral arrangements.  The florist will get in new business and you will have provided a convenient solution for your client.  It’s a “Win-Win.”

Savvy business owners take advantage of exchanges like this to boost their client base and sales, while reinforcing good will with other local businesses.  In the long run, your efforts will benefit the entire community by strengthening other area businesses as well as your own.

Ask your website designer how to set up these links throughout your website.  Even include them in your blogs so that your readers will discover the other pages of your website that relate to the blog topics.   Most Internet users enjoy clicking on links because it satisfies their curiosity and provides additional information.  Let links enhance your website by encouraging potential clients to explore the services your funeral home offers.

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